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Gospel Meetings with Guest Speakers
Special Classes: The Flood | The Church | Islam | The Lord's Supper | Pornography
Debates: Substitutionary Death | Was Jesus Forsaken?

Guest Speakers

Elijah Aaron | Jeff Archer | Dan Chaney | Ken Chapman | Blake Edwards | Josh Ellis | Bill Hall | Paddy Kendall-Ball
Lawrence Kelly Steve Klein | David Maxson | Tom Rainwater | Tommy Poarch | Eric Reynolds | Jeff Smelser | Gene Tope | Don Truex
Joel Williams | Nathan Williams | Paul Williams | Norm Webb | Lee Wildman

Tom Rainwater - Dealing with Adversity (August 2016)
        The Shock of Adversity
       The Pain of Adversity
       Prolonged Adversity
       Facing Adversity: As a Family
       Facing Adversity: As Brethren
       Facing Adversity: Like Jesus

Ken Chapman - Steadfast to the End (February 2016)

The Other Man
Making Good Choices
The Less Noble
Those Who Were Ready
Being Happy as a Christian

Elijah Aaron - Redeeming the Time (September 2015)

        Redeeming the Time
        Do You Have a Spiritual Vision?
        Everyday Evangelism for Everyone
        Connecting the Next Generation

David Maxson - Spiritual Growth (February 2015)

What Is Spirituality? Definition and Fruits; Philippians 1:3-11
Bible Study: Vision (Faith), Direction (Hope), and Devotion (Love)
Prayer: Misconceptions; a Model from Nehemiah 1
Evangelism: A Product of Our Spirituality
Follow Me: Learning from Peter's Spiritual Growth

Blake Edwards (November 2014)

Hard questions (Luke 14)

Gene Tope (September 2014)

Aquila & Priscilla
Contending Earnestly For The Faith
Lot's Choice
Can the Church of the 1st Century Exist Today?
The Narrow Way
Making Heaven My Home

Joel Williams (June 2014)


Eric Reynolds - In the Boat with Jesus (February 2014)

Higher Calling
No Fear
Walking with Jesus on the Water
In The Boat Together
Breakfast by the Sea

Jeff Archer - Saving Faith (September 2013)

Conviction, Trust, and Surrender
Grace and Faith: The Walls Came Tumbling Down
Saving Faith versus Hypocrisy
Saving Faith Sets Us Free
Saving Faith Obeys Even When It Hurts
Saving Faith Never Grows Weary

Joshuah Ellis

Don Truex - Guardrails (June 2012)

Lee Wildman - Family (September 2011)

Let the Lord Build Our Homes
Husbands: Loving Leaders
Wives: Submissive Helpers
Parents: Setting the Example
Children: Obedient Because It Pleases the Lord (See other page)

Nathan Williams - Courage (February 2012)

What Is Courage?
Courage to Forgive (missing the last few minutes b/c a mic battery died)
Courage to Confess Sin
Courage to Confess Christ
Courage to Control Myself

Paul Williams - Christian Identity (June 2011)

Who Are We?

Jeff Smelser - Relationships (February 2011)

Sweet Heart
"Don't Be So Defensive!"
Love, the Greatest Command
Church Growth Factors
Seeking and Giving Forgiveness

Lawrence Kelley - Purity (August 2010)

Blessed are the Pure in heart
Purity and the Problem of Lust
Purity and the Modern Media
Purity and Materialism
Purity and the Pursuit of Holiness

Bill Hall - Congregational Unity (February 2010)

God's Formula for Peace
Good Churches Have Problems
Getting to the Root of the Corinthian Problems
The Apostles, Showing the Way to Unity
Christianity: Have We Caught the Real Thing?

Paddy Kendall-Ball - Zimbabwe (December 2009)

Zimbabwe Work
Zimbabwe Plan

Tommy Poarch - Success In Evangelism (November 2009)

All That The Disciples Began To Do And Teach
Leadership Among The Disciples
God Is Glorified By Bearing Much Fruit
Handling Problems And Moving On
God Is In Control

Steve Klein - Service and Sacrifice (February 2009)

The Core of Christianity: Self-Sacrifice
How To Be A Minister
Service, Sacrifice And Selflessness in the Home
Serving as an Encourager
For the Love of a Stranger

Norm Webb - Individual Spirituality (September 2008)

Fellowship With God
Five Eternal Life-Saving Tests
Materialism: A Termite of the Soul
Devoted to Prayer
I Want to Go Home

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Debate Title
Audio Files

The Substitutionary Death of Jesus

Part 1
Part 2
Was Jesus Forsaken on the Cross?

Part 1
Part 2

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Class Title
Audio Files
The Flood The Flood, Part 1
The Flood, Part 2

Basic Notes
Extended Notes

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Class Title
Audio Files
The Church Lesson 1: Identifying the Church
Lesson 2: The Nature of the Church
Lesson 3: The Establishment of the Church
Lesson 4: Entrance Requirements
Lesson 5: The Name of the Church
Lesson 6: Organization of the Church
Lesson 7: Worship of the Church
Lesson 8: Work of the Church
8 Lessons

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Class Title
Audio File
The Lord's Supper Authority for a Partial Serving?
How To Establish Authority

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Class Title
Audio Files (.mp3)

The History of Islam
How We Got the Qu' ran
Islam and the Bible

The History of Islam (notes)
How We Got the Qu'ran (notes)
Islam and the Bible (notes)

Complete notes for all 3 classes on Islam

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(Ad) Pornography

Remember when you could watch television without being shocked by scandalous commercials? Are you uncomfortable with your children surfing the internet for fear of the pornographic images they might see?

You're not alone. Virtually all Americans are being bombarded with pornography through television and the internet. It is destroying the lives and families of countless individuals.

And like addictive drugs, pornography seems to take over the lives of so many people. They see no escape, no way to be free from the compulsion to view graphic sexual images and behavior.

The good news is that freedom IS possible! The battle against the poison of pornography can be won!

Thank you to all who were able to attend our biblically-based, family-friendly presentation on the subject of pornography. (December 2015)

Handouts are available in two formats here:  PDF | Powerpoint

Here's the Audio.


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